Sunday, November 6, 2011

South Korea: Suicide Actress's Memoirs Claim Sex Exploitation

South Korean netizens are busy discussing deceased actress Ja-Yeon Jang's memoirs, which contain claims that she was a victim of career-related sexual exploitation.
The struggling 26-year-old actress who committed suicide in March 2009, left about 50 letters listing the names of 31 people who she alleged exploited and abused her.
The letters, which amount to several hundred pages, divulge that she had been forced to provide 'sexual services' [direct translation] to powerful figures in order to get acting roles or to merely please powerful individuals within the industry. They unveiled the real names of four corporation executives, two financial industry executives, two newspaper company heads, six entertainment management agency representatives, seven television producers and eight movie directors, and more have also been mentioned.
Ja-yeon Jang's funeral. Still from video posted by Youtube user