Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kim Bum ( Boys Before Flowers )

Drama Boys Before Flowers (BBF) has led Kim Bum a newcomer to the world a crazy South Korean films by women.

But amid his name was not wearing a rising newspaper, recently heard news of youth born July 7, 1989 was demanded by the Management Eyagi Entertainment length of 500 million won.
Described Eyagi Kim Bum has signed a contract for 6 years from October 2008, and received 150 million won as an initial payment but he moved to a new management that is King Kong when its contract management with Eyagi not finished.

Responding to this, representatives from King Kong Entertainment Lee Jin Seong Kim Bum states do not have a contract with Eyagi Entertainment and 150 million won is not a contract payment even if King Kong Entertainment Eyagi joined in October 2009, Eyagi Entertainment is not associated with an existing agreement, so that Entertainment Eyagi inevitably have to leave the company.

But according to the version Eyagi, Kim Bum signed a management contract with King Kong, July 2007, but since King Kong's deteriorating business company joined Eyagi Entertainment and contract Eyagi Kim Bum transferred to the contract with this Eyagi Kim Bum collected 790 million won income.
In a still relatively young age, not one that many who call Kim Beom as one of the young actors who are ready to become a new star rising in Korea. On screen, the first time when his work began appearing in the Outrageous Woman in 2006.

After Unstoppable High Kick, looks really steal the show when it plays the figure of Song Seung-heon young in East of Eden. The climax is when Kim Beom-elect portray aka So Ji-yeong Sojiro Nishikado in the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers Hana Yori Dango aka.

At present the figure of Kim Bum is not only popular Korean society, her figure was also able to attract the attention of many fans in Japan. Evidently, when Kim Bum fans held a conference in Harajuku Quest Hall on 18 October 2008, attended by about 800 fans.

On the occasion, Kim Bum show that not only provided a handsome face, his voice is also quite capable. Some songs had brought from his Hitomi wo Tojite Hirai ken, Friends of Anzen Chitai, until the song Mika Nakashima Yuki no Hana (who had re-sung by Park Hyo-sin to fill the series theme song, Sorry, I Love You).

Different Roles

For drama and the latest movie, Dream and Bisang, Kim Bum imutnya must change the image that looks neat in BBF be macho and more mature, in Bisang Bum Kim Beom role as Sei, a young man who dreams of becoming a successful actor. These included action movie genre, this is the first action film Kim Bum

For his role in this movie, the guy who this year even 21 years old must be willing to open-aperture scene including scene wearing only underwear on the street. In order to get perfect results in a new role, Kim Bum doing intensive exercise and sports activities in order to get a hard body. Not only that, for his role in drama series 'The Woman WHO still wants to Marry', Kim Bum is also surprisingly changed his hair color to white like a man who had gray hair.

"I've never changed your hair color like this, a little bit weird when it was fresh and had a new feeling," he said.

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