Saturday, January 22, 2011

Victoria surprises Nichkhun with a homemade lunchbox on “We Got Married”

On this week’s episode of MBC “We Got Married”, Victoria surprised her ‘husband’ Nichkhun with a gift in support of 2PM’s comeback stage on “Music Core”.
Victoria spent all morning making a homemade Pad Thai lunchbox, and with the help of SHINEE’s Minho, she was able to successfully enter 2PM’s waiting room to deliver her special lunchbox to Nichkhun.
Although he didn’t show it on stage, Nichkhun acted like a cute baby as he told Victoria, “To be honest it was a bit hard for me today. I think I hurt this area.” Out of jealousy, member Junho replied, “I guess you’ll be all better after you eat that?”
When the members bitterly asked, “Is it nice?”, Nichkhun completely ignored them and instead stared longingly at Victoria with a happy expression. Nichkhun said, “Victoria’s present was like medicine.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

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