Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Actress Han Ga-in [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

Actress Han Ga-in [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
The phrase 'ideal woman' pops into mind before 'actress'. Han Ga-in has always been every man's ideal woman -- from when she appeared on the news by chance in high school as a top student in her class dreaming to major in medicine to when she was the Olivia Hussey-resembling high school girl in plaited pigtails (in film "Once Upon A Time In Highschool") to when she was crowned 'queen of tears' playing her character who agonizes over her past from the days she was single (in KBS TV series "Terms of Endearment"). Her facial features and bright eyes which stand out even without any fancy make-up, placed her on the list of bywords for beautiful women since the beginning stages of her career.

So even though she chilled the hearts of many males, from high school students to reserve officers to single men, when at the age of 23 she announced her marriage to fellow actor Yeon Jeong-hoon in 2005, her appearance is probably not the only reason she remains the ideal woman for many men five years later. She is closer to being the affable girlfriend than a coquettish lady as seen from her portrayal of the assertive and shrewd character she played in MBC drama "Super Rookie". And like she described of her three-year hiatus -- " I spend very ordinary days when not acting, just doing household chores. And it turned out that I was so busy that I didn't feel time pass by", -- Han too turns out not to be a 'goddess' or 'heartthrob', but rather no different from any other female in her late twenties. What is rather more impressive is her polite manners and slightly more honest personality which she may have been born with or could come from her relatively quick career start.

But nobody says that even this model student who rehearses her Japanese lines to the extent that "they will come out seemingly automatically with the slightest prod" by failing to let go of her recorder day and night when on shoots overseas, cannot have unexpected desires. In SBS show "Bad Man", the actress "rid herself of the image which is as pretty and clean as a crystal", as said by director Lee Hyeong-min, and took on the role of Moon Jae-in who is an ambitious consultant who dreams of making her way into a rich household. Just the fact that she, who was always the symbol of purity in cosmetics or home appliance commercials, transformed into someone who represents worldly desires was interesting. And the fact that she recommended music which one can listen to while thinking of their first love from a long time ago or the love they have broken up with, was also interesting. "I tried using the subtitle 'To you who is probably listening to this song somewhere'...... I'm sure everyone has someone in their memories who fits the phrase".

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