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Song Hye-kyo

This is a Korean name; the family name is Song.
Song Hye-kyo
Born November 22, 1981 (1981-11-22) (age 28)
South Korea
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 1996–present

Korean name
Hangul 송혜교
Hanja 宋慧敎
Revised Romanization Song Hye-gyo
McCune–Reischauer Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo (Korean: 송혜교, born November 22, 1981) is a South Korean model and actress. She has starred in a number of hit dramas including Autumn in My Heart, All In, and Full House. Due to her popularity she can be seen frequently on advertisements when she is not acting. She is currently signed to talent agency Eden 9.


Song debuted in the entertainment industry in 1996 when she won the Grand Prize in SunKyung Smart (a school uniform company) when she was finishing her third year in junior high school. It was not long until she starred in her first drama, Happy Morning. Since then, she would continue to star in a string of various dramas and sitcoms but it wasn't until the KBS drama Autumn in My Heart in 2000 with Song Seung Hun and Won Bin that Song rose to fame throughout Asia. The show became famous for depicting a tragic love story between three people.
Song's popularity continued to climb when she played a leading role in the poker drama All In, alongside Lee Byung Hun. She was also in a highly publicized relationship with Lee during this time (they broke up in 2004).
Song costarred with pop star Rain in the popular romantic comedy series Full House. After the pan-Asian success of Full House, Song starred in the movie My Girl and I, which was panned by audiences and critics alike. Song went on a 2-year hiatus, returning to acting as the kisaeng Hwang Jin-i in the movie version of Hwang Jin-i, which was released in South Korea in 2007. Though promoted heavily, it fared poorly at the box office. She then made her American debut in the Hollywood indie film Make Yourself At Home (originally titled Fetish) in 2008.
To pursue her dream of becoming a "hallyu queen" in Japan, she is planning to release a video album produced by entertainment company StarM Planning. However, while the shooting is already completed, the release date is still unconfirmed.
In late 2008, Song starred in the KBS2 drama The World That They Live In opposite Hyun Bin. Not romantically involved during filming, the two had kept in touch after the drama ended and they started dating in June 2009. Hyun Bin's being away for the filming of Friend, Our Legend in Busan reportedly made the two realize they were in love.[1] Song Hye Kyo is considered Korea's Most Beautiful Woman and Korea's Natural Beauty.

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