Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lee Min Ho wishes for a girlfriend

After the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Lee Min Ho’s popularity increase rapidly. Currently he is single. He has his last love relationship when he was twenty years old. The most wanted gift that he wishes for now is to find a girlfriend.
In the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Gu Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di love story were full of twists and turns. In the real life now, Lee Min Ho hopes to find a girlfriend.

He will elope with her
Everyone is always curious about the love life of the ‘Flower boys’. What if Lee Min Ho’s parents opposed his marriage like what happened in the drama, what would he do?
“I will run away with her. Even if we have to run away secretly in the middle of the night, there must be a wedding. I treat my love more positively than Gu Joon Pyo”. Lee Min Ho replied.
However, he claimed that now he is single. “It will be good if I have a girlfriend. The most wanted gift I wish for is a girlfriend.”
He disclosed his love history that his first kiss was given to his girlfriend during his first year in high school in front of his girlfriend’s house. His last relationship was in his twenty when he fell in love with his university classmate. Ever since then, he remains single.

Feeling is more important than looks
What type of ladies will attract Lee Min Ho?
He said: “I will look at overall style and feel. Not particularly beautiful, but ladies with feeling attracted me the most.”
Before ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was broadcast in South Korea, South Korea media reported about the scandal between him and one of the Davich members, ‘Kang Min Kyung’. The photo is shown on the internet. He said: “I’m really sorry about taking photos with my colleague, she has been mistaken as my girlfriend and everyone was having arguments about it. I’m really feel bad about it.”
A man who smell nice
Besides Lee Min Ho’s love life, fans are also interested about the little details in Lee Min Ho’s daily life.
Some Lee Min Ho’s special habits:
  1. He always carry a perfume in his bag because he wants to be a man who smell nice.
  2. Loves cloudy days, he cannot stand the hot sunny weather and he does not like wet rainy days
  3. Besides having blue and black jeans in his wardrobe, other clothes are mainly in black, white and gray.
  4. He won’t bring an umbrella even if the weather forecast said that it’s going to rain.
  5. He would bite his teeth and talk in his sleep. Friends do not want to sleep with him when they travel together.
  6. If he has to live in a desert island, the things that he wanted to have are a bed, a lighter and a cell phone.
  • A bed – so that he can sleep well
  • A lighter – even when he was on the desert island, he still has to cook especially meat. He loves to eat meat and fire is unavoidable.
  • A cell phone – if he was stranded on a desert island, he can chat with others so that he will not feel bored. It will be good that lot of games have already been downloaded in the phone.
Source From: LianHe Zaobao (Singapore Chinese newspaper)

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