Friday, November 12, 2010

Enjoy a relaxing”Brown Hair”day with Goo Hye-sun


The multi-talented (and multi-tasker) Goo Hye-sun has released her newest project.

The sweet and professional,Goo Hye-sun, knows how to work hard. However, this former flower princess can play hard too. In her recent digital single MV,Brown Hair, she displays the best example of a day of leisure. In the MV, the busy star finally takes time for herself by shopping,enjoying a tasty drink,taking a stroll, and playing the piano. She even visits an outdoor statue reminiscent of a Transformers character. The activity that stands out the most in this digitial MV is her piano playing. Hye-sun’s brief musical scene reminds you of Han Hyo-joo playing for Seo Do-young in KBS’s Spring Waltz. This brought back great memories of the last seasonal drama.Do you think Yoon Suk-ho will invent a new season and cast our flower princess?

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