Monday, May 2, 2011

“City Hunter” reveals still-shots of actress Park Min Young

SBS’s “City Hunter” is starting to kick up the hype for its drama by releasing still-shots of actress Park Min Young on set. The actress plays a former Judo competitor by name of ‘Kim Nana’, who now works as a Korean Secret Service agent.
The pictures were taken on April 13th while she was filming at Seoul’s Kwanghwamun Square. The lovely actress was pictured wearing a bright yellow mini-dress and matching yellow gloves.
The scene was filmed to portray Kim Nana’s financial troubles, since her parents passed away when she was in high school and she now has to work various odd jobs to make her way through college.
The production company stated, “Kim Nana is a lovely person who still has a uplifting personality even in a hard environment. She especially portrays the ‘880,000 won generation’ by working odd jobs before getting to work for the Secret Service.

Source: SPN via Nate

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