Friday, May 6, 2011

Kim Hyun-joong travels to Japan



After almost a two month delay, Kim Hyun-joong finally arrived at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan on May 2nd. He, along with actress Jung So-min, traveled there to promote the premiere of their 2010 drama “Mischevious Kiss” on Fuji TV and DATV in mid-May. He was warmly greeted by hundreds of fans at the airport.
On May 3rd, Hyun-joong and the “Kiss” cast took part in the “Premiumun Talk and Love” event with 6,000 fans. However, the March event that was postponed….turned into a effort for charity. A portion of the proceeds recieved will be donated to help aid the victims of the earthquake.
The Hallyu star is currently wrapping up his album set to be released later this month or early June.
Source: Newsen

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