Monday, May 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young kiss for an hour and a half for “City Hunter”

A preview for Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s epic kiss scene has just been revealed!
On April 19th, the two actors visited a club in Seoul’s Kangnam area to film a kiss scene for SBS’s “City Hunter“. Lee Min Ho was scripted to kiss Park Min Young spontaneously to perform his mission as a ‘city hunter’; Park Min Young happened to be at the club to protect the President’s daughter, ‘Da Hae’, as part of her job as a secret service agent.
In order to successfully pull off the scene, Lee Min Ho had to kiss Park Min Young rather powerfully to give off the feeling that the kiss was unplanned. It was a short kiss, but the couple reportedly filmed for an hour and a half to get the scene just right.
The production team for “City Hunter” stated, “The kiss was an important scene to serve as a turning point for the couple’s relationship. The two showed perfect harmony in a happy environment, so the filming commenced well.”
“City Hunter” is scheduled to air on May 25th, so be sure to check back for updates!
Source: DongA via Nate

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