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Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao Fei wedding at Sanya Hainan


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Barbie Hsu Wang Xiao Fei Wedding
$6 Million Wedding
Allegedly, the dreamy seaside wedding in Sanya cost over $6 million (Yuan), with over four hundred guests in attendance. Barbie and Xiao Fei reserved all of the 101 villas in the Conrad Hotel for their wedding. In addition, more guests stayed at the Hilton Hotel nearby. Allegedly, the bride and groom paid for the guests’ hotel rooms, showcasing their generous nature.
Over two hundred friends and family members were invited to the after party, which was held at a luxury five-bedroom residence. Including the swimming pool area, the place was over ​​3,000 square meters and cost $68,888 (Yuan) to rent per night.
Pregnancy Rumors Abound
The media were banned from taking photos at Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding. Due to the secretive nature of the wedding and the couple’s whirlwind marriage, the media speculated that Barbie may be pregnant. Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Xu, explained that although Barbie loved children, she will not become a mother anytime soon due to work requirements. Barbie’s bridesmaids, Pace Wu and Makiyo, who cried emotionally at the wedding, reiterated that the bride was not pregnant.
Mother-in-Law Highly Satisfied
Xiao Fei’s mother , Zhang Lan, arrived in Sanya five days before the wedding to supervise the venue arrangements. Allegedly, she requested that from March 20th onwards, the hotel should not allow guests who are not part of the wedding to stay. Rumors claimed that Xiao Fei and Barbie decided to hold their wedding in Hainan Island to advertise Xiao Fei’s real estate investment. Ms. Zhang denied such news, “My son and daughter-in-law wanted to have a seaside dream wedding. Our family is more traditional and will not deliberately invest in foreign places. We selected Sanya as the wedding location because we wanted to stimulate the economic growth here. Since only family and friends are invited to the wedding, we did not want the wedding to be full of speculative news.”
Ms. Zhang was completely satisfied with the wedding and revealed that Barbie and Xiao will not be going on an immediate honeymoon. “Their wedding will be held on March 22nd and they have to return to work the next day!”

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