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Kim Hee-seon (김희선)

Kim Hee-sun
Born February 25, 1977 (1977-02-25) (age 34)
Seoul, South Korea
Other names Hee-seon Kim[1]
Occupation Actress
Years active 1994–present
Spouse Park Ju-young
Korean name
Hangul 김희선
Hanja 金喜善
Revised Romanization Gim Hui-seon
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hŭi-sŏn
Kim Hee-sun (born February 25, 1977)[1] is a South Korean actress from Seoul who has been acting in Korean TV dramas and films for over a decade.
Kim debuted on TV as a year 11 student and later majored in Drama at Chung-Ang University. Since then she has acted in many TV dramas, becoming well known in South Korea.
In recent years, Kim has also gradually built up a career in film, beginning in 1997 with Repechage opposite Jang Dong-gun. Director Lee Kwang-hoon subsequently put her in his next film, Ghost in Love in 1999. Kim's most high-profile role to date has been in the big-budget martial arts fantasy Bichunmoo, shot in China and released in the summer of 2000. She played the daughter of a Mongolian general in love with her childhood sweetheart. Although criticised for her acting in the film, it gave her more local and international exposure than any of her other films. The film cemented her position as one of Korea's leading actress not only in her home country, but also in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout South-east Asia.
In late 2001, Kim took on a completely different kind of role, cutting her hair short and starring as an animator in Wanee and Junah. Although her acting in this film drew a favorable response from critics, the film itself was a flop at the box office. Kim is currently living in Seoul and is still popular as a model and presenter. She is renowned within the industry for her longevity as an actress. In 2003 she co-starred with Shin Ha-kyun in the film A Man Who Went to Mars by Kim Jung-kwon, the director of Ditto. She is popularly known as the "first beauty of South Korea". In 2005, she starred alongside Jackie Chan as a Korean Princess in The Myth. During this film she learned to speak Mandarin.
Through acting and promotional work (such as for Samsung), Kim now has an income of some USD 7 million. It is rumoured that her next move will be to try to break into the Japanese market.
Kim Hee-Sun 2

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  • 2006 Smile Again (SBS)
  • 2005 The Myth
  • 2005 Sad Love Story (MBC)
  • 2003 My Fair Lady (SBS)
  • 2003 A Man Who Went to Mars
  • 2001 Wanee & Junah
  • 2000 Bichunmoo
  • 1999 Calla
  • 1999 Ghost in Love
  • 1999 Goodbye My Love (MBC)
  • 1999 Sun Flower (MBC)
  • 1999 Tomato (SBS)
  • 1998 Wedding Dress (KBS)
  • 1998 To the end of the world (MBC)
  • 1998 Mister Q (SBS)
  • 1997 Repechage
  • 1997 Propose The Color White (KBS)
  • 1996 Faraway Country Sauna Guys (KBS)
  • 1995 The Son of the Wind (KBS)
  • 1994 The tale of Chun Hyang
  • 1994 SBS Agatha Christie (SBS)


  • 2001 Blue Dragon Film Awards Most Popular Actress
  • 2001 Jun. Honorary Ambassador, Community Chest of Korea
  • 2000 Dec. Chung Yong Film Awards "Popularity Award"
  • 2000 Dec. SBS Drama Awards "Popularity Award"
  • 2000 Mar. Paeksang Arts Awards "TV Popularity Award"
  • 1999 Mar. Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill to France
  • 1998 Dec. SBS Drama Awards "Grand Prize" Receive
  • 1998 Dec. MBC Drama Awards "Popularity Award"
  • 1997 Dec. KBS Drama Awards "Popularity Award"
  • 1996 Mar. Paeksang Arts Awards "New TV Actress Award"
  • 1996 Dec. KBS Drama Awards "Top Excellence Award"
  • 1995 Dec. Performance Awards "Budding Actress Award"

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