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Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo at the Red Pepper Launch Party in May 2007.
Born February 22, 1987 (1987-02-22) (age 24)
Cheongju, Chungbuk, South Korea
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2005–present
Agent BH Entertainment
Korean name
Hangul 한효주
Hanja 韓孝珠
Revised Romanization Han Hyoju
McCune–Reischauer Han Hyo-ju
Han Hyo-joo (Korean: 한효주, born February 22, 1987) is a South Korean actress and model. She made her debut in the sitcom Nonstop 5.[1]



Han was first discovered at a teenage beauty pageant in 2003. She joined the ranks as a prominent Pan-Asian star due to the rising popularity of Spring Waltz (the fourth and final installment of Yoon Suk-ho's season drama series, following Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata and Summer Scent) in other Asian countries, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines.
The film called Ad-lib Night (a subtle drama by Lee Yoon-ki) follows a young single woman who rediscovers herself through an eerie overnight encounter with strangers. The film, in which she has the starring role, premiered in November 2006. She was then chosen for the title role in a daily soap opera called 하늘만큼 땅만큼 ("Like the Heavens, Like the Land), on KBS in January 2007.

Han was then cast in the SBS drama Iljimae,[2] which also stars Lee Jun-ki, Lee Young Ah, and Park Shi-hoo.
The independent film, Ride Away, in which Han portrayed Ha-jeong, debuted at the Jeonju International Film Festival in 2008.
In 2009 Han starred as the lead actress in the highly successful SBS drama, Brilliant Legacy, along with Lee Seung-gi. She was the runner-up to host the MnetT 20’s Choice Award on August 28 and was chosen due to the popularity of the SBS drama Brilliant Legacy. The drama's popularity with a peak viewership rating of 47.1% in South Korea has increased her visibility in the Korean media and popularity as an entertainment personality. Since the drama's conclusion, she has experienced a sharp rise in interest for endorsement deals and media requests for interviews.[3]
Following her success on Brilliant Legacy, Han was slated to assume the lead female role in the upcoming KBS2 drama Chuno. She, however, withdrew from the role prior to production allegedly due to issues relating to her management and salary.[4]
Han also stars in the collaborative Korean-Japanese telecinema production, Heaven's Postman, which was released in late 2009 (after several postponements).[5] The drama also features Kim Jaejoong[6] from TVXQ.
In September 2009 Han wrapped up her latest starring role in the musical drama, Soul Special, which also stars K. Will in his acting debut. The drama is slated to air in twelve five-minute segments on various online portals, with KBS airing the entire drama in four parts.[7]

She was meant to play the main role in the historical drama, Chuno, but she rejected it after having problems with the management; she was replaced by Lee Da-hae. Her most recent role was as the titular character in Dong Yi, MBC's 49th Anniversary Project.[8] Han won several acting awards for her portrayal as Choi Suk Bin.
Along with So Ji-sub, Han will star in Song Il Go's Only You. Production will begin March 2011 and is scheduled to premiere either summer or fall of 2011.[9]


Personal life

Han Hyo-joo attends Dongguk University, where she majors in the dramatics and films department. Her hobbies include singing and writing and her talents are playing the piano, telling fairy tales, writing, running and fencing. Han has a younger brother.



Year Title Role Network, Film Television or Film Producer
2005 논스톱5 Nonstop 5 Han Hyo Joo MBC
2006 투사부일체 My Boss, My Teacher Yoo Mi Jung Films
2006 봄의 왈츠 Spring Waltz Chu Eun Young KBS2
2006 아주 특별한 손님 Ad-lib Night the Girl Films
2007 하늘만큼 땅만큼 Like Land and Sky Suk Ji Soo KBS1
2008 달려라 자전거 Ride Away Im Ha Jung Films
2008 멋진 하루 My Dear Enemy Woman at the bus stop/Voice on the phone (cameo) Films
2008 일지매 Iljimae Eun Chae SBS
2009 찬란한 유산 Brilliant Legacy Go Eun Sung SBS
2009 쏘울 스페셜 Soul Special Jin Mi Ah KBS
2009 Telecinema 천국의 우편 배달부 Heaven's Postman Jo Hana / Saki Films
2010 동이 Dong Yi Choi Dong Yi (Suk bin Choi) MBC
2011 오직 그대 Only You Jeong-hwa Films



Music Videos

  • 2004: 사랑해요 I Love You by Simply Sunday
  • 2005: 그대가 세상에 있는 것 만으로 by Position
  • 2005: Paris by Epik High
  • 2006: 이별은 Farewell is... by U
  • 2006: Tree by Kwon Jin Won
  • 2009: 남잔 다 그래 by Lee Woo Sang
  • 2009: 헤어져 Break up by As One
  • 2009: 사랑한단 말을 못해서 Because I Couldn't Say that I Love You by K.Will
  • 2009: 너 정말이니 Are You Serious? by Rumble Fish
  • 2009: 왈칵눈물이 Sudden Burst of Tears by Han Hyo Joo (feat. Gan-D)

TV Commercials / Advertisements

  • 2005: Anti-smoking Campaign  · Crencia
  • 2005: Han Game  · Pizza Hut
  • 2006: CYOU Soju  · Green Time Green Tea
  • 2006: Enprani Cosmetics  ·
  • 2008: Samchuly  · Maxim Coffee
  • 2008: Korean Air  · Baskin Robbins
  • 2009: Jambangee  · LG SU:M 37'
  • 2009: VIKI  · Nong Shim Natural Snacks
  • 2009: Samsung VLUU Digital Camera
  • 2009: Cello  · Kia Soul
  • 2010: Yoplait  · Lotte Card
  • 2010: Mr. Pizza  ·
  • 2011: Head Sports  · LOVCAT Paris


  • 2003: Binggrae Smile Awards - First Prize
  • 2006: Korean Screen Critics Awards - Best Female Newcomer Award (Ad-lib Night)
  • 2007: Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actress Award (Ad-lib Night)[10]
  • 2007: Korea Best Dresser Awards
  • 2007: KBS Drama Awards - Best Couple with Park Hae Jin, Female Popularity Award (Like Land and Sky)
  • 2008: SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award (Iljimae)
  • 2009: Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Female Drama Star (Brilliant Legacy)
  • 2009: SBS Drama Awards - Best Couple with Lee Seung Gi, Best Actress for Special Production Dramas, Top 10 Stars Award (Brilliant Legacy)
  • 2010: Seoul Drama Awards - Hallyu Special Award for Female Actress (Brilliant Legacy)
  • 2010: Korea Drama Festival - Best Actress (Dong Yi)
  • 2010: MBC Drama Awards - Popularity Award, Daesang (Dong Yi)

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