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Lee Jung Hwa, Kim Jung-hwa

Kim Jung-hwa
Born September 9, 1983 (1983-09-09) (age 27)
Seoul, South Korea
Other names Jin Jing He (in China), Kimu Jon Fa (in Japan)
Occupation Actress, model
Korean name
Hangul 김정화
Revised Romanization Gim Jeong-hwa
McCune–Reischauer Kim Chŏnghwa
Kim Jung-hwa (Korean: 김정화, born September 9, 1983) is a South Korean actress and model who debuted in the Lee Seung-Hwan music video, "You To You".[1] She was discovered by a producer and asked about an interest in acting. She was a model for the agencies Dream Factory and Sidus HQ and at present is modelling for AVA Entertainment.

If anything, I take my hats off for DISCO queen Um Jung Hwa, who is turning on 40 pretty soon, but only looks like she is mere 20-30ish years old…

Um Jung Hwa‘s latest photoshoot was released and netizens said that she looked almost age-defying in the photos…

Though I can’t help feeling disgusted by that mushroom head (Again. Don’t they have anything new?) Um Jung Hwa don’t look like she is turning 40 next year.
Um Jung Hwa with her dog
This is a really a feat. To be able to stand next to all the beautiful younger stars on stage and still keep your head up high and make heads turn.
Alright, only not when you have a green wig on, that is.

Makes me wonder how Hyori will look when she turns 40. *Hmm*



  • Spy Girl (2004), Park Hyo Jin
  • No Regret (2006)
  • The Elephant On The Bike (2007), Ha Kyung
  • Tokyo Taxi (2010), stewardess
  • Star of Hope: Ikhwezi Le Themba (2010), narrator


  • Nonstop (2001-2002)
  • Glass Slippers (2002), Park Yon Woong
  • K-Pop Top 20 (2002), host
  • Into The Sun (2003), Soo Jin
  • 1% Of Something (2003), Kim Da Hyun
  • Snow Princess / Taste Sweet Love (2004), Ma Young-Hee
  • Three-Leaf Clover (2005), Yun Hee
  • War Of Money (2007), Lee Cha Yeon
  • The Devil That Pours Red Wine (2007)
  • The Land of the Wind (2008)[1]
  • Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic (2008), cameo appearance
  • Four Colors of Love (2009)
  • When It's At Night (2008), Wang Joo Hyun
  • Kingdom of The Wind (2009), Princess Yi Ji
  • Job Well Done (2009), Na Mi Ra
  • Read My Lips (2010), cameo appearance
  • Life Is Beautiful (2010)

Music videos

  • Lee Seung-hwan "You And You" (2000)
  • Lee Seung-hwan "Reincarnated" (2000)
  • Lee Seung-hwan "Christmas Wishes" (2001)
  • 4U "I'm My Heart" (2002)
  • Noul "Holding On To You" (2002)
  • Noul "Fate" (2002)
  • Noul "I Know", (2002)
  • Lee So-ra "No More, I Ask" (2004)
  • Byul "Like A Star" (2009)
  • 1sagain "My Love" (2009)

Stage performances


  • Uncle Vadya (2006)


  • From the Bottom (2006)
  • Audition (2007)
  • Fool for Love (2010)


  • DJ, FM Kim Jung-hwa‘s Music For You (2002-2003)


  • 2002: New Star, SBS Actors Awards
  • 2003: Best Supporting Actress, SBS Actors Awards

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